mission performance CCI-Q™

Our evidence-based approach - CCI-Q™

We use the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI™ model across our portfolio. For teams we use it to diagnose challenges and opportunities, frame discussions and plan future actions.

For example, when working with intact teams we use the CCI-Q methodology to measure and base line team behaviours. The CCI-Q is a short questionnaire that is conducted online in advance of a development session. The questions are linked to the strategic components of Clarity, Culture and Interdependence, and the 7 building blocks. This data shapes the session and ensures through appropriate facilitation, that the agenda is focused upon the right things. This process is then repeated over time to track the changes in team performance. When this is linked to hard performance measures you can link changes in behaviour to shifts in business performance, however measured.

This method is designed to be scaled giving you the expertise to do it for yourselves and reducing your investment on external expertise.

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